Harshcore & Der Einzige: The Bujùn Freak Show

1. Stunend Tuna
2. Mesmerian
3. Do It Dodo! mp3 download
4. Peeping
Der Einzige:
5. Yellow Six Meets Yellow Swans mp3 download
6. To Beat or not to Beat
7. Franco mp3 download
8. El Bujùn


Published on June by MTR in CD-R
Limited edition of
90 copies
Graphic by
CD-R in special 18x18 pro-printed cardboard sleeve in 7'' style.
Other images:
7'' with El Bujun
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The crazy freak noisers from Biella, Italy, Tommaso Clerico (bass and trumpet) and Luca Sigurtà (tapes and treatments), already known for their weird concerts with Aids Wolf, To LIve and Shave in L.A. and Liars, are now back with this old style industrial release and with their same weak humour but more 'clean' and rhytmical sounds.

They share the full lenght record with Der Einzige, in this case Matteo "Hue" Uggeri and Cristiano Lupo, as the ignorant side of the electronic and romantic post-rock band Sparkle in Grey. With heavy and granulized drums or guitar melodies overwhelmed by concrete noises, they build four awful 'songs'.

The CD-R is published at the same time of a split CD-R by OvO "Voodoo Rewoork & Videoo" and the re-issue of Der Einzige first record (1996) "Cheap Material Music", this last one in collaboration with Palustre Records.