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Noise made with vocals, trumpet and electronics.


der einzige at arci blob

)) Read here the REPORT SORRY FOR ALL THE NOISE of the Bujun Tour (Italian only, sorry):

"Der Einzige und sein Eigentum"

max stirner der einzige


Der Einzige: Cheap Material Music – 69 limited copies

1994, reissued in 2008

This is a CD-R containing archive material (1994) from the very early tape, vinyl and computer experiments by Der Einzige; published in a very particular cloth package in collaboration with Palustre Records.

Price: 8 €



Harshcore & Der Einzige: The Bujùn Freak Show (split) – 90 limited copies -

2008 Split among the freak noisers Harshcore and again Der Einzige, this time 14 years after. Between Skin Graft, SPK and The Shaggs; published on a special 18x18 pro-printed cardboard sleeve in 7'' style.

Price: 8 €

Still available:

Early Poor Loops for Krishna

early poor loops for krishna
CD-R Card ltd. to 50 numbered copies in pro-printed cardboard minisleeve

7 Tracks, for a total playing time of 5:27 (perceived time 60:32!)

File under: Industrial / Noise