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Der Einzige: Cheap Material Music – 69 limited copies

1994, reissued in 2008

This is a CD-R containing archive material (1994) from the very early tape, vinyl and computer experiments by Der Einzige; published in a very particular cloth package in collaboration with Palustre Records.

Price: 8 €



Harshcore & Der Einzige: The Bujùn Freak Show (split) – 90 limited copies -

2008 Split among the freak noisers Harshcore and again Der Einzige, this time 14 years after. Between Skin Graft, SPK and The Shaggs; published on a special 18x18 pro-printed cardboard sleeve in 7'' style.

Price: 8 €

Early Poor Lops for Krishna
(1995, released in 2007) - Afe Records + Moriremo Tutti records

"As everyone can easily guess, this record was made with very poor equipment many years ago (sometime between 1994 and 1995) at my place. At that time I was very young and fond of Industrial music. These crazy and spontaneous tracks are dedicated to the music of some of the heroes of my youth.
I hope that someone will appreciate my efforts at recording my own Industrial music for Industrial teenagers like me."

Track List:

1. S.uper P.ulp K.rishna 
2. Lemo's and Papa's
3. P.Orridge For Breakfast 
4. Cabaret Montesquieu 
5. Oh Lustlord! 
6. Nocturnal F-Arts 
7. Laid Back in Ljubljana 

Price: 5 Euros

The Ixemist (with Punck) (2003) - still unreleased, only performed live

From an idea of Punck: two minutes of audio recorded in various places by the IXEM people, in the same time (00:00 of 22.05.03), to be played in an installation in the third edition of  SUPERFICI SONORE, live festival in Florence, 25-26-27 June 2003.
All sounds by IXEM people, with additional synth by Hue and by the IXEM logo (designed by Barbara Sansone).

No tracks, sorry... but listen to the samples in the ctrlaltcanc site (by Punck):


Embedded (compilation, 2003) - Deterrent Industries

The track Adhesive Metal has been inserted in the double CD compilation by Deterrent Industries "Embedded: Active/Passive", with artists as Luca Sigurtà, Naked Intruder, Third Mind, Narc, Andrea Marutti, Logoplasm and many others...

You can buy it going on Deterrent side.
The song is this one, from CMM, click here:

Adhesive Metal
(1,3 Mb)

Why? (1995) - still unreleased

12 songs purely random made with a malfunctioning software called FM Organ that started to play "notes", "noises" and "rhythms" each time hue pressed some button of an old 386 PC keyboard, plus an isolationst track that displays the meaning of it all. We hope.

No excertps at now, sorry.